Prada America’s Cup x Cass Black

 290 / 24h

Prix de vente estimé : 1400 €

ModèlePrada America’s Cup x Cass Black

Pointure Disponible : 44

Dépôt de garantie : 500€ (empreinte bancaire)

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Dans le cadre d’une collaboration unique, l’artiste Cassius Hirst revisite les baskets Prada iconiques America’s Cup dans quatre versions portant les noms « Att4ck », « D3cay », « Sust4in » et « Rel3ase » faisant référence à l’enveloppe sonore ADSR, des paramètres de contrôle de la musique. Sur le modèle « Sust4in », la tige est recouverte de peinture en spray de deux nuances de la même couleur avec une couche de base plus foncée et une couche supérieure plus claire, le tout recouvert de traits blancs dessinés à la main. Le logo de l’artiste qui habille l’emballage est une scintigraphie de son cerveau représentant l’espoir, la connaissance et la créativité.

  • Modèle unisexe
  • En cuir et tissu Bike
  • À lacets
  • Étiquette « Cassius » amovible sur les lacets
  • Logo Prada Linea Rossa sur la languette
  • Semelle bimatière à motif lenticulaire
  • Motif cranté avec empiècements en gomme
  • Hauteur de semelle : 35 mm
  • Semelle intérieure amovible en cuir






The information of the deposit by the tenant will be done online via our partner. As a reminder, the deposit is not debited. We carry out an inventory of fixtures before and after the hiring. In order to protect you and to avoid any dispute, think of making photos and videos of the pair or pairs at the reception and at the end of the use. Once the pair is returned, we have 48 hours to contact you if we notice any damage. If we do not contact you within 48 hours, your deposit is released. The different cases of taking a deposit :

In case of loss or theft, the amount taken from the deposit is 100%.
In case of damage, the amount deducted from the deposit is up to the invoice of the repair costs

Classification of wear and tear considered irreparable:

All tears observed on the following parts of the Article: garant, eyelets, tongues, throat, toe, welt, outsoles, slap, seams, quarter, counter, reverse.
Any detachment, dissociation or separation of the welt, the outer sole or the heel.
Any perforations noted on one of the parts of the Article.
Any burns or degradation, involving heat and modifying the aspect, the shape of this one, noted on one of the parts of the Article.
Any slight folds observed on the back of the Article.
Any wear, tear, or stains noted on the laces.
Any indelible stains present on the external parts of the shoes: toe, throat, slap, tongue, seams, quarter, eyelets, garant, lapel, counter and laces.
Any wear or irreparable degradation of the outer sole.
Any irreparable folds noted on all the parts of the Article and modifying the aspect, the shape of this one.

With regard to the established classification, an evaluation of the extent of the damage noted on the pair will be carried out in order to determine if your guarantee is engaged or not. For more information, you can consult our General Conditions of Rental by clicking here.

Shipping and returns

You must reserve your pair at least 48 hours in advance. For express requests contact us directly at +33 7 79 25 09 93. We have 7 delivery and return time slots: 09h, 10h, 12h, 21h, 22h, 23h 23h30 from Monday to Sunday. It is possible to organize an earlier or later delivery or return on request and for an extra charge of 15€. Delivery is free of charge for reservations of 70 euros or more. For bookings below 70 euros, delivery plus return costs 15 euros. Rentals last as long as you want. For example, you have the possibility to be delivered at 9am and ask for a return at 12pm or 9pm in the same day. The price remains on a day basis. For more information, you can consult our delivery and return policy by clicking here.